Frequently Asked Questions

+ What kind of events do you do?

I produce mostly private parties + business socials but I love all life celebrations!

+ What’s the experience?

When we collaborate on all of the important stuff, decor, entertainment and food. I take on all of the stress, do all of the work. You are able to show up to your party with the only feeling of excitement as you wait for your guests to arrive!

+ How does payment work?

Once we’ve discussed how I can assist you with your event, there is a down payment given to me and as long as you pay the open balance before the party begins, we’re good to go! *You also pay most of the vendors directly.

+ How do you do it all?

I have a great team and support system, I work hard and I am dedicated to producing amazing events. Although, there are times I can’t even answer that question myself.. I promise you, I always deliver!

+ So what happens when the party is over?

We talk about how amazing the event was then I come back the next day or two, take care of rentals and have everything put back to normal (if necessary)! Shortly after, you’ll also start texting me as if i’m your personal party concierge and dates for your next event. We might even become really great friends.

+ Who are your vendors?

I love working and collaborating with different vendors! They are all amazing. Each one of them that I work with delivers with the utmost professionalism. We all have the common goal of making sure the event is as great as can be and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

+ How long have you been doing this for?

As far back as when we used AOL dial up internet to talk to our friends and the cute boys after school! …I look back and realized, I have always been involved with events, whether it was for school, church, basketball organizations, family.. it’s something I have naturally been a part of since I can remember. It’s in the last five years that i’ve taken this on professionally.

+ How do we start?

You fill out the contact page and then we will hop on a call!

+ Do you deliver balloons and party goods?

Of course! You tell me what you want and I make it happen.

+ Will it be worth it if I hire you to take care of everything?

Yes! I promise you! Read some of our client love here.