About Us

We believe that events are to be fully enjoyed NOT clouded with stress and lists of tasks to do. We value our clients time and put their needs above all. We give them comfort knowing that everything can be taken care of and they can celebrate and have their own special experience.  By focusing on the love for details, giving both the client and guests an experience, we hope to make a life memory and an amazing event that everyone will be so happy to be a part of.

Founder, Taryn Mitsunaga

Hello, hello!

I’ve been in the industry for over 5 years now. People always ask how I’ve gotten here. I started out as a personal assistant and found myself creating and planning these great events in Beverly Hills. I am beyond grateful for all of the opportunities that I have worked for and so glad it made me realize how much I need to do this. 

It excites me that I am able to produce events for such good people.  I take pride in my honesty, quality and work ethics. I do not just sell a product or service, I provide an experience for my client and their guests. Their happiness and the memories made are what I cherish most- it is everything. This job is not always glamorous but I put everything I have in to each event and party need. I cannot wait to celebrate with you soon!